Made Right Here

Part 1 with Matt Ryerson of United Way of Greater Knoxville

Episode Summary

Paul Sponcia talks with Matt Ryerson who maps out lessons from his blue-collar upbringing in Norwalk, Ohio, his earnest initiation into work life, and his steady progression in academia and sports, thanks to his parents' expectation, his mentors’ guidance, and his own resilience. His journey took him from Ohio to Minnesota, where he ventured into sports management, working in geared roles at YMCAs, using sports as a tool for personal growth and instilling a never-quit attitude in himself. Further, he delved into his role at a juvenile psychiatric hospital in Tennessee, his transformative failed marriage, and his path towards Christianity. He learned valuable life lessons and was introduced to his current wife, Heather, during this time. His narrative about feeling accepted by the church, despite his previous divorce and lack of religious background, sheds light on his struggles with self-acceptance and finding his place in the community. He carries his life lessons into his role as the CEO of United Way.

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