Made Right Here

Part 2 with Daniel Levy of DKLEVY Architecture

Episode Summary

In the second part of this conversation with Paul Sponcia and Daniel Levy of DKLEVY Architecture, Daniel shares his story of finding redemption through his relationship with the Creator and meeting his future wife. After hitting rock bottom and relocating to New York City, he stumbled upon a job at an architecture firm and began attending church again. He ultimately got saved and reconnected with Kendall through email, and they began a long-distance relationship based on their shared love for God. They started their own architecture firm, DKLEVY, specializing in senior living and multifamily projects, with a team of friends who share their core values and faith in God. The firm is licensed in 16 states and has grown organically through word of mouth. Daniel encourages parents to instill foundational values in their children, as this has shaped him as both a leader in his firm and a father of five.

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